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I am a designer, stylist, photographer.

I began my photography studies 20 years ago when I was at Babson College getting my business degree. I took a photography course in South America and travelled to the Amazon Jungle, the marketplaces of Quito, Ecuador, and went island hopping through the Galapagos. I loved the travel, the culture, the physical beauty of a different land, water and people and most of all, the ability to capture it all with my camera - the way I saw it.

After graduating from Babson, I worked for a brand identity firm and for Toth Design and Advertising - the firm that created J. Crew and specialized in fashion advertising. I was working on the account side but was most interested in the fashion and the photography. I enrolled in New England School of Photography and majored in fashion and editorial. From there, I was working with world renowned photographers shooting for major publications including National Geographic, Conde Naste and others.  I then ventured on my own to shoot fashion, portraiture, interiors and travel throughout the United States, South America, France, Italy, Spain, Morocco and Australia.

I worked on a development project for a large, unihabitated island in southern Bahamas ( I worked for three years as the creative director, photographing the island for marketing and advertising purposes as well as creating the future brand and culture of the island. I continue to work as a freelance editorial and travel photographer as well as a lifestyle photographer for hotels. 

Lastly, I create large scale modern fine art.  My work can be purchased through me or in select boutiques and galleries.  I also love to work with clients and interior designers to create custom pieces for homes and businesses.